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Sense Concepts also aims to achieve its goals by creating a creative business models, enabling investors, companies, organizations, and talented people to benefit from many technologies, including blockchain, Information Technology, Internet of Things and crypto currencies

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Technologies We Know Well

Blockchain Technologies

Deliver enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, and custom blockchain development services. Our expertise will help you bring a high level of security to your enterprise by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.

Information Technology

From Strategic IT Planning, Security Assessments, Network Design, Business Continuity Planning, the technology is only a portion of their work: people and processes are often much more challenging than finding a technical solution to a business problem.

Internet of Things

We IoT designs, incorporate and deploy IoT frameworks to create an automated smart environment for businesses. Thus, ensuring faster access to data which improves productivity while lowering cost as a result of little or no human interactions.

Business Transformation

Data-driven digital solutions can drive innovation and efficiency, unlocking new opportunities for functional teams across your business. 

what we do

Blockchain Technology

Understanding blockchain technology for real world use applications

Crypto Market Research

Following crypto currency market trends to tap into crypto market growth

Blockchain Commercialization

This is what we do best

Crypto Assets & Digital Tokens

The know how to help in with Initial Coin Offerings and Digital Token Offerings

Building on Crypto Community

Participating in all verticals of the crypto industry to grasp the opportunities and challenges of this marketplace

Crypto Legal Consideration

Legal consideration specifically in North America, and generally across different parts of the world

Frequently asked questions

We currently form a legal corporation in Canada and pursuing many opportunities in the crypto industry.  We are welcoming participants in the field to join our efforts in navigating and exploiting these opportunities

Yes.  We are currently involved in many deploying many crypto projects

We are welcoming individuals, companies, organizations and industry leaders to join our efforts

Currently involved in many projects:

  • Mining deployments
  • Staking
  • Crypto currency trading
  • Crypto exchange desk
  • enterprise blockchain deployment solutions

Crytpo consulting is mainly what we do. Contact Us

"What really turned me over was the growth potential and future of blockchain technologies' implementations."
Amro Awaidah

Design your private or public blockchain

Ask us how a private blockchain can help your case, or how a public blockchain can benefit you

build your user experience

Blockchain technology can assist your customers in many ways

Digital tokenization Solutions
Boost your Success

Digital Tokenization is coming sooner or later.  Be ready and ahead of the competition

Integrated Blockchains
Active members

Our Team

Sense Concepts is built on a diverse technological and business background with a core focus on delivering value solutions to the complex real world problems.

Sense Concepts is a creative business model, enabling investors, companies, organizations, and talented people to benefit from blockchain technologies and crypto currencies

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